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A Mommy's Care does all types of childcare services...We love our Kids so Much we went from Traditional Daycare services to providing Event Child Care Services...Parents are always looking for a Great Loving Responsible Child Care Provider so our services are pretty much Open to All Types of Childcare Services. A.M.C. is one the best places you can have your child these days. Alot of people now provide "babysitting services", so what's the difference between us and others: We strive to not only make wonderful memories with the kids, we also teach them. We have a variety of toys, games, learning supplies for all ages. We receive donations from family and friends that support our movement to instill good quality education for our children. Our children learn every day at all times of the day. We teach them independence and to respect others and themselves. We strive to eat healthy and be healthy. Most of our children been with us since day one, and majority of the parents will not fathom the thought of a new childcare provider. Most would rate us #1, though we are not perfect, but we are always striving and reaching to do better. Our quote is "If you know better, you do better." by the late Maya Angelou. Our goal is to be very diverse. Being diverse teaches our kids God makes everyone different and special. We are all special. A.M.C. provides care that day cares or other facilities do not provide period. Each child is treated like family, and call our home their home. Call us or Message Us Today!!! 

Love You All,

Ashlee Davidson-Washington
Owner/Founder/and BEST Babysitter EVER!!!!! (ask the KIDS and my Parents)